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  • Mob Ties
    Mob Ties by Author_Ninja
    Teen, 1032 pages
    An American teacher in Japan finds romance and wacky misadventures when he gets engaged to a gothy mob princess.
    We have Time Monkeys.
  • Life and Death
    Life and Death by Joff
    Everyone, 1796 pages
    Mostly my own slightly warped view on Life, Death, and the world in general.. Not really, this follows the lives of Death (Steve) and Life (Bobby) Along with the other mythical/magical beings that clutter up the place
  • Modest Medusa
    Modest Medusa by Jake Richmond
    Teen, 914 pages
    Medusa is five years old. Her mom is a giant snake. She comes froma magical land. Now she lives with Jake.

    Updates Monday, Wednesday and Friday!
  • Magical Misfits
    Magical Misfits by magicalmisfits
    Teen, 1776 pages
    Two Dwarfs, Wheels and Boat are commissioned to start an institute in post war Terra. They are to promote understanding between the former enemy races. Wheels has a pet project as well. Study the Mythical magicless race called Humans that once walked Terr
  • Charby the Vampirate
    Charby the Vampirate by Amelius
    Teen, 1093 pages
    Kellwood- a burgeoning tourist town, where only a few know of the things that hide in the dark. Also Kellwood- a forest deeper than anyone realizes, another world where Faerie and monsters dwell. In between these two worlds, there is a cabin with strange inhabitants…
  • public humiliation
    public humiliation by rmccool
    Teen, 2117 pages
    3 out of 5 pookas enjoy this comic..
  • Demon Eater
    Demon Eater by JillyFoo
    Mature, 786 pages
    On a cannibalistic planet where the inhabitants only food is each other, Saturno was on a losing streak in the survival of the fittest until he discovers the world of humans and creatures who want to become them.
  • simply sarah
    simply sarah by skyangel
    Mature, 679 pages
    Award winning slice-of-life comic about life, as seen through one girls eyes as she grows up feeling shy and different to those around her, but gains her confidence from helping those around her find theirs. Contains characters and scenes of an LGBT nature.
  • Banana Cream Cake
    Banana Cream Cake by DoctorSharktopus
    Adult, 967 pages
    A sexy futanari story about a futa baker as she sinks deeper and deeper into lust
  • Blood Bound
    Blood Bound by Anubis
    Mature, 945 pages
    the continuing story of a vampire girl and her succubus lover
Quail's Random
    SPACESLUGS by Alienant
    Everyone, 17 pages
    On a rogue asteroid flying through space the lives of three slug brothers spin out of control. Rott, the oldest and the self-proclaimed leader, is an egomanic and a bit of a germaphobe. Gelb, the biggest, has the largest heart but the smallest brain. Grunn, the youngest, has an endless supply of energy, is always first in line to help – and the first to tell you what’s what. Who knows where this asteroid is headed? Please come along for the ride.
  • The Xcentrikz
    The Xcentrikz by xcentrikz
    Everyone, 71 pages
    The Xcentrikz is an interactive comic of parodies and bizarre adventures. It’s greatly influenced by contributing viewers who dynamically evolve the story. You also interact by participating in mysteries and contests. Join in – we’re waiting for you
  • Wisdom of the Fish
    Wisdom of the ... by alohinun
    Everyone, 27 pages
    Ah, sunny days! A whimsical adventure brews when a pair of twins, Yin and Yang, find themselves ditching their studies on a bright afternoon.
  • Sugarbuzz
    Sugarbuzz by Scorchgofer
    Mature, 9 pages
  • Aster Blood Galaxy
    Aster Blood Galaxy by Sakqia
    Teen, 10 pages
    What happens when the top agent of the Police force of the sky falls head over heels for the bad guy? What happens when creatures you thought only existed in fairy tales attack the planet you live on? Iono Ask the people who lived through it.
  • Drawing when im bored
    Drawing when im ... by Jakez
    Everyone, 4 pages
    random drawings i've made when i get bored on those lonely, rainy days.
  • Wild Gijinka
    Wild Gijinka by SundaySketch
    Everyone, 1 page
    This is a slice-of-life comic about wild Pokemon (drawn in anthro/gijinka form). There's no plot, each comic just goes with the flow. Comic © SundaySketch :: Pokemon © Nintendo
  • The Airship Legacy B
    The Airship Legacy ... by Confettirainbowpony
    Teen, 5 pages
    The story of Wesley Mansfield, once the heir to the most prominent name in airship engines, who is all but disowned in his absent-minded father's will, left with nothing but a nonsensical blueprint, an empty warehouse, and the most absurd instructions for reclaiming his birthright he has ever heard.
    Updates every Wednesday.
  • Futari wa Pretty Cure Island Rumble
    Futari wa Pretty ... by SOSI CapSid
    Everyone, 9 pages
    Your standard fan Pretty Cure fan series, done comic style when I'm at work, bored out of my skull.
  • Pierrot
    Pierrot by Emeraldas
    Teen, 79 pages
    “A wish… a wish from the deepest part of my heart…” Not many dolls are born with souls upon their creation, but the little clown doll Pierrot was somehow special enough to have one… and even fall in love.
    Shoujo-ai/yuri/lesbian themes.
Latest Updates
  • Jix
    Jix by Sameth
    Teen, 1215 pages
    One is a self-conscious Polynesian girl, the other is a blue carnivorous alien from another planet…No, this isn't Lilo and Stitch! This is Lauren and Jix in the webcomic “Jix.”
  • Ying and Yan
    Ying and Yan by TonyAlpsen
    Teen, 76 pages
    A weekly comedy strip about conjoined twins who can't stand each other. Now updating Thursdays.
  • Motivational Housecat
    Motivational Housecat by MotivationalHousecat
    Everyone, 224 pages
    Little. Feline. Different.

    Say hi to your next housecat! Starring Professor Meow Meow™ and featuring her special brand of Litterbox Wisdom. Drawn by hand (along with digital bells and whistles) and published 7 days a week in color. See you in the funny papers!

  • Dasien
    Dasien by Neilsama
    Teen, 617 pages
    Leotards rule! Dasien is a superhero in the classic sense. Fun costume. Cool powers. Tons of action. Throw in some relationship drama and kinky humor, and you have Dasien! Superhero girly goodness!
  • Really
    Really by hangryhermit
    Everyone, 28 pages
    Happenings of an Asian Canadian family. Disclaimer: not all of it is true. Updates twice a week.
  • Arindia No Densetsu
    Arindia No Densetsu by Freiha
    Teen, 145 pages
    Long ago, the magical world Arindia was ruled by four princesses who had the power to alter the four elements at will. Centuries after their death, girls with similar powers were born on earth. Among them are four with ordinary powers who are considered the heirs of the Princesses. When Arindia is about to collapse, the heirs are summoned to save the magical world.
    Little do they know, about the events happening in Arindia and soon they all will have to make a decision which either leads to Arindia's or their own destruction…
    New page every day.
  • Jonathin Quackup of the Planet Weralt
    Jonathin Quackup of ... by raytoons
    Everyone, 574 pages
    Jonathin Quackup fights to protect the lands from corruption, villainy, and monsters!
  • X Heroes Academy
    X Heroes Academy by DragonRunner87
    Teen, 46 pages
    Deep underground, Lois and her friends are learning to become real heroes in order to join the X Heroes. But, evil lurks around the corner and the X Heroes are already busy elsewhere… Can they save the world, even though they lack the experience? Who knows!
    (Check in Tuesdays and Thursdays for new pages!)
  • The Sin City Girls
    The Sin City ... by sleepyhollow76
    Teen, 304 pages
    Piper want to see if time travel was real, or it was just a myth …


    Updates Thursdays through Mondays
  • UNA Frontiers Commentary
    UNA Frontiers Commentary by Coydog
    Teen, 274 pages
    300 years after “The Burn”, life goes on in a post-nuke horse-and-buggy age. But the discovery of an undersea high-tech colony sets the divided powers of the Americas on a course to war. Two escapees from the besieged complex must now take their chances in the surface world and hope the choices they make are the right ones.
Community Blog
Banes at 12:00AM, Dec. 14, 2017

We are working to get the Drunk Duck Awards going and on track as soon as we can. It should not be too terribly long - please watch this space for the announcement, and thank you for your continued Duckage!

ozoneocean at 12:00AM, Dec. 13, 2017

More and more demons are coming into our world! They crave human flesh… The military can't stop them and the angels are outnumbered. Fortunately there's a special team who're dedicated to studying and defeating demons, led by the amazing and young doctor Isia. But are their motives ...

ozoneocean at 12:00AM, Dec. 12, 2017


In this Quackcast we cover a few different things! FIRST up is our latest campaign to give YOU comment and reply notifications so that you can see who has commented on your comic pages easily, you can respond to them right away, then they'll KNOW you replied and ...

kawaiidaigakusei at 12:00AM, Dec. 11, 2017

The Indiegogo campaign for comment notifications is still going on this month and so far, we have raised $135 of our $600. There are several different perks being offered including art commissions drawn by fellow ducks on the site. You should check out the Indiegogo campaign page in case you ...

Tantz_Aerine at 12:00AM, Dec. 9, 2017

Kim Luster’s The Good Walker webcomic is what inspired me to write this newspost about dreams.
Depicting a character’s dreams in a story is a very powerful and useful tool! Especially when it comes to visual narratives, such as webcomics and movies, a dream sequence can communicate to ...

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