The promise 7

strixvanallen on Jan. 5, 2018

Last page before da feels. This is your last chance to unboard.

Guys, I have kind of a huge announcement to make. This comic is the last Bram & Vlad comic. After ten years of effort, I'm folding and moving on. I explain more about it here:

It's not that I'm letting Bram & Vlad die completely. There's still a lot of story that I want to convey. It's just that it doesn't fit the comic medium anymore. It has to be written.

I don't know what will be my future on The Duck, because I'm moving to a different kind of comics that might not suit the webcomic format (we will see). I love this community. I love being a part of it. Heck, feels almost like cheating to announce that my comic is coming to an end when awesome Gunwallace even made B&V a freaking theme:

But for now, let's not say our goodbyes yet. I still have a few pages ahead, and God knows when I'll finish them. I want to do a good job, to wrap up things with the proper emotion behind it.