That's What Sidhe Said

Amelius on Sept. 20, 2017

“Sidhe” is pronounced as “Shee” (◔∀◔) (Sidhe is a name for the fair folk, or Fairies in Irish folklore!)
So, it comes to light why Sadick is so wary of Demons… coming into Samrick's territory was his first experience with actually meeting any (living of course, since he's seen Lemuro pelts prior to meeting K'ale). King Malachai has not only instilled a bias against demons to Sadick, he has gone as far as to put an entire barrier around Eldenlon that bars the “Fiend-blooded” from entering the Kingdom. (Technically they can, it's just excruciatingly painful as the spell upon the land attempts to banish the fiendish essence from their body, essentially ripping their essence apart.)
Samrick's allies have the Orb, which for as much as Sadick mistrusted the Demon King prior to actually speaking to him, he now has reason to trust that Samrick has good intentions since he brought up the point that he installed the Elf Kingdom in the first place (something even the hateful Malachai cannot deny as it was his father who inherited it from Samrick) and would not wish to see it fall (losing a fair amount of tribute in the process!) I don't think either of them would mind if King Malachai keels over waiting for it to get back, however…