Chapter 2 Epilog

Albino Ginger on Nov. 26, 2017

Will Adam and God find true love? Find out in Chapter 3: Love Sucks. coming soon!
I am still working on the third chapter. Not shore when I will be finished with it; but I will start posting once it is completely finished. Sorry for the break, but as you all probably know, making comics is a lot of work; and this is just a hobby. I have a full time job and a life that get priority.

In The meantime feel free to ask me questions about the Comic, Myself, Life, the Universe, or anything… If I get enough of them, then I’ll put up a Q&A page with my answers… If I only get one or two questions… I’ll still answer them…

Also while we wait for chapter 3, I am going to start posting the vary first comic I ever made! It is called “the Super Team” and it will come out on wednesdays starting this week! so check that out if you are interested with my early work.