#148: Lee's Laws (Of Physics: Kangaskhan + You = Bloody Mess)

Zilla_fire on July 13, 2009

The government of the United States/ Mexico/ Canada/ United Kingdom/ has passed a new law!

For every pet you have, you have to pay for that pet! The rarer that pet, the more you pay! If you choose not to pay, that's okay! We'll just take your pet away and sell it to someone else!

And if you don't give up your money or your pet, you'll be attacked by a wild animal!

And if your animal is willing to fight back, we have bigger animals to fight it!

That's what they're trying to say here.

Man, this whole thing should be reported! They're making people pay for things they already own, they take that stuff away if they don't, and they attack if you don't hand it over. It's a scam and an assault all in one. It's illegal. But since the Rocket Party of Kanto/Johto is making the laws, it's suddenly not illegal! Get it?