Book 2, page 43

bravo1102 on Feb. 24, 2018

Because of various time constraints Thursday's update got delayed to Saturday. Hope it also gave some a little time to catch up. My work schedule now has me doing day and night shifts spread out over the week and I'm beginning to feel it. It doesn't help that my mother had a minor stroke and it has been raining every day. Sure we had some real Spring weather for February but five days of rain sucks all the joy out of it.

Another carefully choreographed fight. Aleeka made a poor judgement call here. She thought he'd stand still with a discarded sword right in front of him. She also has her legs too far apart which is why she loses balance.

And seems like Arnora did survive after all. She's a survivor and has been through a lot. Ragnar's men killed her family and burned her village. Now this rape. Another compare and contrast situation. Are Arnora and Searsha mirror characters? One could be considered a reflection of the other.