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skoolmunkee at 12:01AM, July 9, 2012

Karen Banks is an average young lady, on a road trip with her friends. At a rest stop, Karen stumbles across some funny stones and before she knows it, she's waking up on the ground with a fiery portal towering into the sky. Also, her friends are missing. She's approached by a guy in a blue robe, who turns out to be a dillweed, and apparently also at the bottom of his class at Guardians school. He explains that the portal is a somewhat hellish connection to other Earths and that her friends are goners. After demonstrating her fighting spirit, Karen is (reluctantly) allowed to go after them. Of course the first few pages of the comic reveal that Karen is currently a hellish destructor of dimensions under the sway of an evil spirit- my money's on the mysterious weapon Guardian Jerkface handed off to her.

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